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The Most Dangerous Venomous Snakes: Asia

Indian Krait

  • Scientific name: Bungarus candidus
  • Family: Elapidae
  • Genus: Kraits
  • Length: Up to 8.2 feet (2.5 meters)
  • Venom: Neurotoxic

Most kraits are recognizable by their striking, shiny stripes. Before an antidote was developed, the likelihood of death after a bite was as high as 85%. Even now, many people die from krait bites. This is mostly because they don’t make it to a doctor in time. In rural areas, doctors are just too far away, and some people would prefer to ask a “healer”, who will try his luck with plants and herbs. Most accidents happen at night, as that’s when the krait is active. The snake bites people who are out in the evening. Another reason is that many people in Asia don’t wear shoes, so don’t have protection from bites.

Krait Indian Krait - Photo: Vince Adam/Shutterstock


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