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Argentine Ant

Argentine Ant Facts

Size 0.08-0.2 in (2.1-4.9 mm)
Speed Unknown
Weight Unknown
Lifespan Unknown
Food Insects, honeydew
Predators Unknown
Habitat South America, Australia, New Zealand, Europe
Order Hymenoptera
Family Ants
Subfamily Dolichoderinae
Scientific name Linephithema humile
Characteristics Creates the largest ant colonies in the world

Main Characteristics

Argentine Ants Are Conquerors

“... and tomorrow, the world!” could be their motto. The Argentine ant originally lived in Argentina, Brazil, Paraguay and Uruguay. They were accidentally taken to Europe on ships and planes.

Life Style

The Largest Ant Colony in the World

The Argentine ant seems to like the mediterranean region, as they created the largest ant colony in the world there. It stretches from the Italian Riviera to the North-West of Spain - that’s 3,728 miles (6,000 km)! Researchers call it a “super colony”.

Argentine Ant Argentine Ant - Photo: Javier Chiavone/Shutterstock


Argentine Ants Are Aggressive

Argentine ants are aggressive and systematically destroy other ants. First, they kill most of them, and then they eat their food. They push out native ants and damage flora and fauna.


The Argentine Ant Is an Invasive Species

An introduced species is an animal that settles in an area that it is not native to. This mostly happens due to international trade. The animals are transported as unknowing stowaways.

Argentine Ant Argentine Ant - Photo: Heather Broccard-Bell/Shutterstock

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