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Binturong Facts

Size 23.6-37.7 inch (60-96 cm) (body)
Speed Up to 15 mph (24 km/h) (short distances)
Weight 19.8-30.8 lb (9-14 kg)
Lifespan 10-25 years
Food Fruit, insects, birds
Predators Tigers, snakes
Habitat South-East-Asia, rainforest
Order Carnivore
Family Viverrids
Scientific name Arctictis binturong
Characteristics Looks like a mix of bear and cat

Main Characteristics

Binturongs are predatory cats that live in the tropical rainforests of Southeast Asia. They look like a type of raccoon or coati and are often considered as smaller relatives of the bear family. This is why the binturong is also known as bearcat. In fact, these animals don't belong to the bear family. They are viverrids.

Anatomy and Appearance

Binturongs Have a Prehensile Tail

The binturong and the kinkajou are the only mammals in the world that have a prehensile tail. They use it to hold onto branches while resting and sleeping and to move safely while climbing.

Binturong Binturong - Photo: WeStudio/Shutterstock

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Binturong Lifestyle

Binturongs are nocturnal animals and live in the forests of their habitat. They are relatively slow but rather agile – they use their tail as a gripper arm to climb and move around.

How Binturongs Move

Like a bear, the binturong touches the ground with its entire foot. This is very unusual for feline predators. It can also swim and dive. It lives alone or in small groups with its offspring.

Binturong Binturong - Photo: Rudmer Zwerver/Shutterstock


The female can have babies twice a year. Normally, it gives birth to 1-6 little binturongs after about 90 days. The mother still tolerates its mate after the pregnancy, which is rather unusual among cats. The young binturongs have their first solid food after about 6-8 weeks. They can have babies themselves at an age of about two and a half years.

Binturong Binturong - Photo: IAMSUTHICHA/Shutterstock

Fun Facts

Binturongs Smell Like Popcorn

Binturongs have a very unique smell, which is like popcorn. They mark their territory with their smell.

What Does the Name Binturong Mean?

The binturong is also called bearcat. Unfortunately, the origin of the name is unknown because people no longer speak the indigenous language and there is no word of mouth.

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Binturong Binturong - Photo: Soonthorn Wongsaita/Shutterstock

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