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In this section, you’ll find free games that you can play on!

Pet PickerTake a personality test

Test yourself! Here, you’ll find 10 free tests like “What Kind of Dog Would Suit Me?” and “Which Cat Would Suit Me?” or "Which Small Animal Would Suit Me?"

Answer the questions to find out! When you found the right pet, you can learn about it in our pet section and/or search for a cute name in the pet names section.

Coloring PagesFree printable coloring pages

Coloring is so much fun! You can find 90 free coloring pages online with funny comic characters to color in.

There are popular subjects such as meerkats, sloths, cats and squirrels are there.

What about coloring with together with some friends? Or create a coloring booklet?

Animal Record QuizStart an animal record quiz

Many animals have the most amazing skills and they do a lot better than us in so many discplines!

Here, you’ll test your knowledge about animal records!.

We bet you will be suprised by some of the solutions! Or do you know them already? Test yourself!

Picture QuizStart a picture quiz

In the picture quizzes, you’ll match up eyes, paws or noses with the right animals.

There are always four options to choose from. Three of them are not correct. It is only one that matches the question.

Let's check out if you can master them all!

Quiz True or False style=Start a “true or false” quiz 

You’ll need some skill here: are the statements in this quiz true or false?

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