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Albino Animals - White Animals

What is Albinism?

Albinism is a genetic disorder. It’s a disorderthat affects the formation of red, brown or black pigments. These are called melanin. They color skin, hair, feathers and eyes. This disorder doesn’t just affect animals, but people too.

Albino Hedgehog Albino Hedgehog - Photo: cs333/Shutterstock

Why Do Albinos Have Red Eyes?

Albinos also lack pigment in their eyes, or the iris to be more exact. Their eyes look red because the blood in the small, fine blood vessels shines through.

Advantage or Disadvantage?

Albinos don’t have it easy in the wild. Animals that are normally camouflaged thanks to their brown or dark markings will stand out with white fur or feathers. They will either be easy prey, or find it harder to hunt their prey. And as most also have poor eyesight, they have problems getting to safety. Their packs or herds will often shut them out, and they are rarely able to find partners.

Albino Wallaby Albino Wallaby - Photo: KMW Photography/Shutterstock


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