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Not every white animal is albino. Some animals suffer from a different disorder. These are sometimes called “half albinos”. White Bengal tigers belong to this group. Their eyes are blue rather than red. The same goes for white lions. They have a genetic defect called leucism. In albinism, the cells in the skin that can bind pigment (melanocytes) don’t function properly because of the disorder. In leucism, these cells don’t exist. A couple of examples.

White Tiger with leucism

Tiger with Leucism Tiger with Leucism - Photo: red-feniks/Shutterstock

Tiger Tiger - Photo: Denise Allison Coyle/Shutterstock

White Tiger with Leucism

White Lions with Leucism White Lions with Leucism - Photo: Meoita/Shutterstock

Lion Lion - Photo: Dave Pusey/Shutterstock

Axolotl with Leucism

Axolotl Axolotl - Photo: Kazakov Maksim/Shutterstock

Axolotl Axolotl - Photo: Lapis2380/Shutterstock