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Venomous Mammals

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Slow Lori

These animals live in the forests of South-East Asia, and grow to be around 15.3 inch (39 cm) tall and weigh 4.4 lb (2 kg). They have venom glands on the insides of their elbows. This means that the slow loris isn’t a poisonous animal, but a venomous one. It uses its fingers to spread the venom into its mouth and onto its bottom front teeth. This gives them a venomous bite. But why do they need the venom? They don’t use it to kill prey. As bad as it sounds: they cover their babies with it! This protects their little ones from attackers, who don’t like the taste.

Slow Lori Slow Lori - Photo: kunanon/Shutterstock

Slow what? Yes, these plump little wet-nosed monkeys are pretty slow. There’s actually another kind of loris called the slender loris!

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