Ligers and Tigons

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Where Do Ligers and Tigons Come From?

Lions and tigers are completely different. While lions live in social groups, tigers prefer to go it alone. The two big cats only come across each other rarely because of their different habitats. Lions live in Africa and tigers in Asia. So biologists believe that there are no ligers or tigons in the wild. We are only aware of ligers and tigons either purposefully or accidentally bred in zoos and circuses.

Liger Liger - Photo: Ipatov/Shutterstock

What Ligers and Tigons Have in Common

Even at first glance, you can see that ligers and tigons have characteristics from both parents. But they’re not as strong as in their parents.

Lion characteristics:

• Small mane
• Black tail tip

Tiger characteristics:

• Small ruffs
• Light stripes
• Light belly
• Likes swimming (which lions hate)


Photo: Mogens Trolle/Shutterstock



Photo: apiguide/Shutterstock

= Liger

Photo: Ipatov/Shutterstock