Ligers and Tigons

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Father: Tiger
Mother: Lion

Tigons are much rarer than ligers. Firstly, because male tigers and female lions aren’t good at recognizing the other species’ mating signals And secondly, because their genetic material doesn’t match as well. While ligers are often much bigger than their parents, tigons are usually smaller.

Tigon Tigon - Photo: PHOTO BY LOLA/Shutterstock

Li-Ligers and Ti-Tigons

Female ligers can be fertile (but male ligers can’t), so there is another cross: a female liger and a male lion can make a li-liger. The offspring of a female tigon and a male tiger is a ti-tigon. However, these animals suffer from health problems so crosses with different species are often banned.

Tigon Tigon - Photo: Igumnova Irina/Shutterstock