Hinnies, Mules, Zonkeys and Zorses

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Mule and Hinny

A cross between Donkey and Horse

Hinnies and mules don’t differ that much when it comes to looks. So, you can’t say “that’s definitely a mule (or hinny)” just by looking at one.

• Hinny

Father: Male horse
Mother: Female donkey

Generally, it’s said that hinnies have the character of donkeys and are a little smaller.

Hinny Hinny - Photo: Alexander Varbenov/Shutterstock

• Mule

Father: Male donkey
Mother: Female horse

Mules are a little bigger and more robust. By the way: hinnies are harder to breed than mules because of their genetics.

Mule Mule - Photo: TIF Fotos/Shutterstock