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Groups of Animals - Terms

Several animals together are not just a “group” of animals. They have special collective names, like “herd”, “school” or “swarm”.

Here you find some examples. Would you have thought that badgers form a cete? And that one speaks of a sounder of wild boars?

AnimalCollective noun
Eels Bed
Ants Army, colony, swarm
Antelope Herd
Bacteria Culture
Beavers Colony
Bees Swarm, colony
Buffalo Herd
Chinchillas Colony
Badgers Cete
Dolphins Pod
Ducks Flock, raft, team, paddling
Elephants Herd
Moose Herd
Emus Herd
Pheasants Nye
Skylarks Exultation
Fish School
Flies Business
Foxes Skulk
Geese Flock, Raft, Team, Paddling
Giraffes Herd
Herrings Army
Deer Herd
Chickens Brood, peep
Dogs Pack
Cats Pounce
Lions Pride
Mice Mischief
Baboons Troop
Horses Herd
Rats Colony
Partridges Covey
Roe deer Bevy
Cattle Herd
Pigeons Flock, flight
Butterflies Swarm
Seals Bob, harem, pod
Ostriches Herd
Termites Brood, colony, nest, swarm
Whales Pod
Wild boar Sounder
Wolves Pack

Zebra Zebra - Photo: MattiaATH/Shutterstock

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