Dolphins can jump over 25 ft (7 m) out of the water.
Dolphins have up to 250 teeth.
Donkeys can see all four of their feet at the same time.
Dragonflies can see in all directions at the same time.

An eagle has around 7,000 feathers.

Eels have two hearts.
An elephant can live to be up to 70 years old.
One elephant tooth can weight more than 6 lb (almost 3 kg).
Elephants grow their whole lives long.
Elephants are the only animals that can’t jump.
Lake flies flap their wings over 1,000 times a second.
Flying tree snakes fly from tree to tree.
Foxes sometimes live in one burrow with badgers, rabbits and owls.
Baby giraffes fall almost 6 ft (2 m) to the ground after being born.
Giraffes are the only animals born with horns.
Goats have square-shaped pupils.
The goldfish is actually a small carp.
The oldest goldfish in the world lived to be 43.
Grasshoppers hear using their front legs.
One human year is 25 hamster years.
Herrings communicate by passing gas.
650 houseflies weigh less than a Kinder chocolate bar.
At 46 - 68 mph (75 - 110 km/h), the Indo-Pacific sailfish is the fastest short-distance fish.
There are over one million kinds of insect.
A jellyfish is made up of over 98 % water.
Jellyfish venom still works if the jellyfish is dead.
Kangaroos can’t go backwards.
Kiwis are the only birds that can smell.
Koalas are very good swimmers.
The Norwegian Lundehund has six toes on its paws and can close its ears.
A mole can dig 300 ft (more than 90 m) in one night.
Mosquitoes have 47 teeth.

Mouse teeth are almost as hard as diamond.

Naked mole-rats are said to be able to tunnel through concrete.
Orangutans burp just before they attack.
An ostrich brain only weighs 1.4 oz (40 g).
An owl’s eyes are bigger than its brain.
Pandas like doing somersaults.
Pandas are good at climbing and swimming.
Pandas pee standing upside down to get their scent as high as possible.
There are over 300 different kinds of pigeon.