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Funny Animal Names That Really Exist - Reptiles

Is the carpet chameleon fluffy? Is the rubber boa made from rubber? One thing’s for sure: these names are all real!

Box Turtle

When in danger, the box turtle can pull in its legs, arms and head and then close the two belly plates of its shell. Then it’s like a closed box, and predators don’t have a chance to get at the turtle.

Carpet Chameleon

The carpet chameleon has a wonderful pattern, like a carpet.

Death Adder

It’s all in the name. The death adder gets its name from its strong venom.

Flap-Footed Lizards

These reptiles have either tiny flap-like feet or no feet at all. They’re also called snake-lizards and legless lizards as they look just like snakes at first glance.

Flowerpot Snake

The flowerpot snake is the most widespread snake in the world - because of humans accidentally transporting it in soil and root balls (where it likes to live).

Green Sea Turtle

The green sea turtle isn’t green at all - this name comes from the color of its fat. It’s sadly often used to make turtle soup.

Pinecone Lizard

The pinecone lizard’s armor is made up of lots of scales that stand on end - like a pinecone.

Rubber Boa

The rubber boa isn’t made of rubber, but it looks like it is. It has very small, fine scales.

Snapping Turtle

The snapping turtle has a thick shell on its back and a long tail with large scales that make it look like a little alligator in a turtle shell.

Tabasco Mud Turtle

Did this turtle earn its name from always putting hot sauce on its food? We’ve all heard of the hot pepper but who knew that its name comes from the Mexican state of Tabasco? And that’s where the Tabasco mud turtle comes from too.

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