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12 Exciting Facts About Birdsong



The Most Beautiful Songs

In Europe, the nightingale is probably the best-known songbird. It has 120-260 “stanzas” that are two to four seconds long. They also imitate other birds when they sing. But just short sections, as long songs are too complicated for them.

Nightingale Nightingale - Photo: Victor Tyakht/Shutterstock


Northern Mockingbird

The Most Songs

If you hear 10-15 different birds singing in your garden but there’s only one bird in the tree, a mockingbird might be the cause. They like to imitate their colleagues and have an impressive range of songs: between 50 and 200 songs. The northern mockingbird actually lives in North America but has been sighted in Germany. The brown thrasher is said to have 2,000-3,000 different songs.

Northern Mockingbird Northern Mockingbird - Photo: Joe McDonald/Shutterstock


Sedge Warbler

The Longest Songs

The sedge warbler sings the most complicated and longest songs. Because it can combine individual parts in new ways, it never sings the same song twice.



The Loudest Songs

The loudest birds include the superb lyrebird, the great bittern and the northern mockingbird. But the record is held by one kind of parrot. The call of a kakapo can be heard 3.7 miles (6 km) away.

Superb Lyrebird Superb Lyrebird - Photo: Andreas Ruhz/Shutterstock

Kakapo Kakapo - Photo: Imogen Warren/Shutterstock


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