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12 Animals That Are Masters of Camouflage

Stick Insect

  • Class: Insects
  • Order: Stick insects
  • Family: Diapheromeridae
  • Habitat: North America
  • Camouflage: Mimesis

Think this is just a photo of some branches? Not quite. There is a stick bug in the picture as well. It’s the “stick” in the middle, with thin legs. Stick bugs have to do a lot to avoid being eaten by hungry birds, lizards or small vertebrates.

As a stick, they’re not as easy to spot. They stretch their feelers and legs out straight and hardly move during the day. The stick bug is considered a pest, as they hungrily eat the leaves of oaks and hazels.

Trick: Disguises itself as a twig

Stick Insect Stick Insect - Photo: Brian Lasenby/Shutterstock


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