Top 16 Smartest Animals in the World

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Pigs are cloven hoofed animals used worldwide as working animals by humans.

The first thing people think about pigs is often: they’re dirty and gross. But is that true?

If you give pigs enough space, they are extremely clean animals. Besides, they carefully separate their feeding area from their “toilet”.

Pigs Are at Least as Clever as Dogs

Pigs are very intelligent, apparently even more intelligent than dogs. They can be trained and learn from one another. Example: pigs often follow their fellow pigs if they’ve found food, and steal it from under their noses.

The pigs that were robbed learn from the behavior of the other pigs so they don’t lose out next time.

Pigs Are Very Sensitive

Pigs are also very social and experience a range of feelings. They learn from one another and sing to their piglets as they feed.

Pigs Pigs - Photo: Nut Iamsupasit/Shutterstock