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Camel or Dromedary - What’s the Difference?

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The Number of Humps is Important

Usually when we talk about camels, we actually mean Bactrian camels. They have two humps and mostly live in Asia. They are also known as two-humped camelsDromedaries have onlye one hump and are mostly found in Africa. They are known as the one-humped camel.

Bactrian Camel

Size: 71-90 inch (180-230 cm) (shoulder heigth)
Weight: 661-2,204 lb (300-1,000 kg)

Bactrian Camel Bactrian Camel - Photo: aleksandr hunta/Shutterstock


Size: 71-79 inch (180-200 cm) (shoulder heigth)
Weight: 661-1190 lb (300-540 kg)

Dromedary Dromedary - Photo: Ivan Pavlov/Shutterstock

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