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Crow or Raven - What’s the Difference?

How can you tell the difference between the common raven, rook, carrion crow, hooded crow and jackdaw? We’ll give you some tips. When we think about ravens, most of us think of a black bird. But not all birds in the raven family are black. For instance, one of the 120 species is the magpie, which has white and blue plumage. The birds we have so much trouble telling apart are the common raven, rook, carrion crow, hooded crow and jackdaw. They are all common in Europe and are part of the “ravens and crows” genus. Over the following pages, you’ll find large images and a few rules to work out which is which. Finally, there’ll be a clear summary.

Let's find out: Raven or Crow?

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Common RavenCommon Raven - Photo: Dirk Ott/Shutterstock

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