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Crocodile or Alligator - What’s the Difference?

2. Snout

Look at the snout - what shape is it? If you’re not sure, look at the heads of both reptiles. The crocodile’s snout is V-shaped and rather narrow. The alligator’s snout is U-shaped, wide and long. Its face is much thicker and wider.

Crocodile Snout

A crocodile's snout is V-shaped and rather narrow.

Crocodile Crocodile - Photo: Photobac/Shutterstock

Alligator Snout

The alligator's snout is U-shaped, wide, and long. Its face is also much thicker and wider.

Alligator Alligator - Photo: Ekaterina Prokovsky/Shutterstock

Caiman Snout: rather short, narrow

Caiman Caiman - Photo: Uwe Bergwitz/Shutterstock

Gharial Snout: very long, very narrow

Gharial Gharial - Photo: Charoenchai/Shutterstock


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