Bearded Dragon

Bearded Dragon Facts
Size 12-24 in (30-60 cm)
Speed Up to 25 mph (40 km/h)
Weight 0.5-1.1 lb (250-510 g)
Lifespan 6-15 years
Food Omnivore
Predators Birds, snakes, crocodiles
Habitat Australia
Class Reptiles
Order Scaled reptiles
Suborder Iguanas
Family Agamidae
Scientific name Pogona
Characteristics Spikes along its side; exposed eardrum
Fan Facts L.R.„I Feel Threatened!“

If a bearded dragon displays its beard and opens its mouth, or its beard changes color, it feels threatened. These gestures are also used during mating displays and territory defense.

Bearded Dragon Bearded Dragon - Photo: bloomphoto/Shutterstock

The Beard

How does the bearded dragon displays its beard? It contracts muscles on its tongue bone.

Like a Chameleon

A bearded dragon can change its color at will, or even just change certain parts, like its beard. They also use this color changing trick to control their body temperature.

Bearded Dragon Bearded Dragon - Photo: Chavarin jantanabuppa/Shutterstock

„I Give In!“

A slow nodding or a wave of the arm signals submission.

„I’m the Boss!“

If a bearded dragon nods its head quickly, this signals dominance. This behavior can often be seen in males.

Bearded Dragon Bearded Dragon - Photo: Worraket/Shutterstock

No One can Resist...

...a little nap. Even a bearded dragon. They love to lounge on tree trunks or stumps.

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Bearded Dragon Bearded Dragon - Photo: Camilo Torres/Shutterstock

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