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Pet Names Based on Animated Characters - Ice Age

The Characters From Ice Age:

Sid Sloth
Milton Sloth
Marshall Sloth
Uncle Fungus Sloth
Eunice Sloth
Shangri Llama Sloth
Brooke Sloth
Francine Sloth
Diego Saber-toothed tiger
Shira Smilodon (Saber-toothed tiger)
Manny Mammoth
Ethan Mammoth
Hailey Mammoth
Peaches Mammoth
Steffie Mammoth
Ellie Mammoth
Crash Opossum
Eddie Opossum
Scrat Saber-toothed squirrel
Scrattie Saber-toothed squirrel
Ariscratle Rat squirrel
Carl Brontotherium
Frank Brontotherium
Gertie Dromaeosauridae
Gavin Dromaeosauridae
Roger Dromaeosauridae
Buck Weasel
Neil deBuck Weasel
Rudy Baryonyx
Louis Molehog
Precious Leviathan melvillei (Sperm whale)
Squint Rabbit
Teddy Rabbit
Raz Procoptodon (Short faced kangaroo)
Captain Utan Gigantopithecus (similar to an Orangutan)
Gupta Badger
Silas Blue-footed booby
Dobson Wild boar
Flynn Elephant seal

Animal Characters in Computer-Animated Films:

Pet Names Based on Animated Characters Pet Names Based on Animated Characters - Photo: FotoYakov/Shutterstock

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