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Pet Names Based on Cartoon Characters - Mickey Mouse

The Characters From Mickey Mouse:

Chip Chimpunk
Dale Chimpunk
Scrooge McDuck Duck
Daisy Duck Duck
Gyro Gearloose Rooster
Donald Duck Duck
Goofy Dog
Magica De Spell Duck
Gladstone Gander Goose
Black Pete Cat
John Davison Rockerduck Duck
Mickey Mouse Mouse
Minnie Mouse Mouse
Ratface Raven
Super-Duck Duck
Pluto Dog
Huey Duck
Dewey Duck
Louie Duck

Pet Names Based on Animated Series From A to Z:

Chickens are stupid? Gyro Gearloose is not. And the "real chickens“ aren't stupid, too! These animals are extremely bright. Scientists found out that they have a clear idea of what the term future means and they can be worried about it. This requires higher-order thinking. Only a few animals capable of this.

Pluto is supposed to represent the a bloodhound. Although this name may frighten at first, bloodhounds are gentle, affectionate dogs.

Pet Names Based on Cartoon Characters Pet Names Based on Cartoon Characters - Photo: Javier Brosch (Dogs), Anton_Ivanov (Cartoon)/Shutterstock


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