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Pet Names Based on Cartoon Characters - Monster High

The Characters From Monster High:

Azura Scarab beetle Nefere de Nile
Bloodgood Horse Headmistress
Captain Cent Penguin Robecca Steam
Chewlian Venus flytrap Venus McFlytrap
Count Fabulous Bat Draculaura
Crescent Cat Clawdeen Wolf
Crossfade Chameleon Holt Hyde
Cushion Hedgehog Howleen Wolf
Dustin Dust bunny Twyla
Hissette Cobra Cleo de Nile
Memphis "Daddy O" Longlegs Spider Operetta
Needles Voodoo sloth Jane Boolittle
Neptuna Piranha Lagoona Blue
Perseus Rat Deuce Gorgon
Rhuen Ferret Spectra Wondergeist
Rockseena Bulldog Clawd Wolf
Roux Gargoyle Griffin Rochelle Goyle
Sir Hoots A Lot Owl Ghoulia Yelps
Sultan Sting Scorpion Gigi Grant
Sweet Fang Saber-Toothed Tiger Toralei Stripe
Watzit Dog Frankie Stein

Pet Names Based on Animated Series From A to Z:

There are many interesting names for pets in Monster High. For example Neptuna, Azura, Dustin, Memphis, Needles, Cushion and Chewlian. They are particularly suitable for birds and rodents, but also for cats and dogs. Check out the following animal profiles, if you want to learn about the "real animals“ in Monster High:

Pet Names Based on Cartoon Characters Pet Names Based on Cartoon Characters - Photo: Javier Brosch (Dogs), Anton_Ivanov (Cartoon)/Shutterstock


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