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How Much Does a Bird Cost per Month?

The following costs provide an overview of what you can expect to pay per month or year (estimates!).

Monthly costs

• Food and accessories

Costs: around $ 5-17 a month (for a pair)

All kinds of birds need food designed to suit them. Generally, a proper diet should include a mixture of grains, millet, fresh food, vitamin and mineral supplements, mineral stones and grit. Larger packets are often cheaper. It can also be fun making your own treat sticks. You’ll need bedding for the cage as well.


One-off costs

• Equipment

Costs: from $ 350 (starter set for a pair)

Keeping birds is generally inexpensive, as the food is cheap and you can make a lot of things yourself. But don’t skimp on the cage. This is the most expensive and most important piece of kit.

You can buy a lovely big aviary from around $ 300. An aviary is a large cage where the birds have enough space to fly for short stretches.

The size of the cage should depend on the size of the birds and how many there are. The width is the most important measurement. High cages are readily available, but birds aren’t like helicopters: they fly horizontally. So, they don’t get much out of these cages. Please keep in mind: no cage is big enough to replace flying free!

As well as twigs of different thicknesses (free), the cage should contain a bath (from $ 25) and daylight lamps (from around $ 14) as well as toys (see below). A transport box for around $ 8-10 is a must, as you may have to take your pet to the vet.


• Toys

Costs: approx. $ 2-10 per toy or you can make your own for free

Birds love to play, and enjoy swings, ropes, rings and ladders. All of these are pretty inexpensive. A landing patch and play area is important during time outside the cage. You can easily make one for free using twigs and sticks, or buy one from a pet store for around $ 32.

• Vet

Costs: vary

Routine tests and harmless illnesses are not expensive and can cost $ 20-60. In an emergency, medication or surgery can cost $ 120-360.

• Bird sitter (vacation)

Costs: vary

It’s usually not a good idea to take your pets with you on vacation. This also applies to birds. A long car journey is pure stress, and a flight to another country is way too stressful and could require quarantine. It’s best to have someone take care of your pets at home, like a responsible neighbor or friend. Otherwise, you can give your pets over to professionals during your vacation.

Budgie with toy Budgie with toy - Photo: Veronika Surovtseva/Shutterstock

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