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How Much Does a Dog Cost per Month?

The following costs provide an overview of what you can expect to pay per month or year.These numbers won’t apply to every dog and every situation - they’re just here to give you an idea. There’s a detailed article about each topic to explain costs and give you useful information and tips.

Monthly Costs

• Food: $3-90 a Month

Food costs depend on your dog’s size and needs. If your dog is very large and eats expensive food, food costs will make up most of your annual costs. You can find important information about food and costs in the article How Much Food Does a Dog Need, and How Expensive is it?

Pomeranian with empty bowl Photo: pattarawat/

One-Off or Occasional Costs

• Basic Equipment: from $80 (starter set)

A dog doesn’t need much to be happy, as long as its master is nearby. But there are a few things that every dog needs.


• Toys: From $3

Fetch is a wonderful game that doesn’t cost a penny. But not every dog likes fetching sticks. Some love playing with dog toys that stimulate their intelligence.

• Dog License Fee: Costs Vary

Dog license fees vary depending on where you live.

• Dog Insurance: $40-60 a Year

Do you really need that? Yes, dogs can cause damages and this is why a dog insurance is a good idea.

• Vet: $55-120 a Year

Annual vaccinations and worming are important to keep your four-legged friend healthy. keep your four-legged friend healthy, You can find information about vaccinations, worming and operations in the article Pet Dog: Costs for Veterinarian Treatments.


Vet costs Photo: Thirawatana/

• Dog Sitter: $10-25 per Hour, $10-50 a Day

If you can’t take your dog on vacation with you, you can’t leave it home alone. Dogs need care and walks every day. Here, you’ll find information about dog sitters and kennels.

Training: Costs Vary

Training is the foundation of harmonious living, but it needs the master to be assertive and consistent. Costs can vary. It’s best to visit a few training centers nearby and find out more.

Feed costs Photo: Steidi/

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