Pet Guinea Pigs: Pros and Cons

This article will tell you everything you need to know before buying guinea pigs.

Their cheerful nature, curiosity and funny quirks make guinea pigs very popular pets. It is ultimately parents that are responsible for pets, but children from around the age of 8 can help take care of them. They can learn a lot from having pets, and get plenty of fun out of it too.

This table will show you the pros and cons of having pet guinea pigs. Don’t forget: every animal has its own unique personality so these points won’t always fit every animal 100 %.

Just looking at a cute little guinea pig is sure to cheer you up. Don’t usually like being petted
They comfort you when you feel worried or alone Can be really loud/td>
Don’t need walking Like to nibble electrical cables
Active during the day Guinea pig poop smells (regularly clean the cage!)
  Can cause allergies
Fun For Crafters

If you like DIY, you can even build your own guinea pig cage. Or add different floors to your cage and connect them with steps. You should make sure your steps have a safety rail on the side so that your pet can’t fall. It’s easy to build beds and hide-outs from wood. Of course, you should only saw wood under the supervision of your parents.

Things That Will Win Your Parents Over!

1. Guinea pigs don’t need walking (but do need exercise).
2. Pet guinea pigs would help you forget the stress and worries of everyday life.
3. Guinea pigs are cheap to keep.
4. Children learn about responsibility.

Checklist: This Is Important!

Your whole family must agree with the decision.
The cage has to be cleaned once a week.
Guinea pigs need exercise.
Guinea pigs have to be fed every day.
No guinea pig allergy

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American Guinea Pig American Guinea Pig - Photo: Birute Vijeikiene/Shutterstock