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Lionhead Rabbit

Lionhead Rabbit Pet Profile

Size Small
Weight 2.4-3.5 pounds (1.1-1.6 kg)
Fur Short (body), long (head)
Maintenance High
Personality Funny, cheeky, friendly, active
Lifespan 7-10 years
Suitable for Experienced owners
Origin France, Belgium
Indoor Yes
Outdoor No
Special characteristics Long "mane" on the head
Similar breeds Netherland Dwarf

Lionhead Rabbit Photo: KanphotoSS/Shutterstock


We wonder where the Lionhead could possibly have gotten its name... ok, just kidding. You can see at first glance how this rabbit breed earned its name: it has long fur around the head that looks like a lion’s mane. The rest of its coat is short.

Is there a cuter pet than the Lionhead Rabbit? When it cleans itself with its paws, its long, fluffy hair flops about with every movement. It looks very funny. Even when it hops. So adorable! No wonder that the Lionhead is a super popular breed. It’s somewhat of a “trendy” breed as it’s very “in” right now. Now, all breeds started off small - and with these beautiful looks, the Lionhead will probably soon be an official breed.



If you were thinking that the Lionhead reminds you of another rabbit breed, then you’re completely right. It is a cross between the Netherland Dwarf and the Swiss Fox.

Lionhead Rabbit Photo: JudyN/Shutterstock


Lionheads have a very lovable, funny, cheeky and open personality. They’re also very playful! They love toys, especially balls. They are also very active and like to take on the role of explorer. Although they’re very friendly and docile, they can also be shy and grumpy if they feel unsafe or cornered. Lionheads are very clever and love to learn. They can learn simple commands with love and patience.

Health and Care

The Lionhead Rabbit is not necessarily recommended as a pet for beginners. Especially if they have double manes. Why? It takes a lot of skill to get rid of matts and knots in their coats. Beginners don’t always know how much time it takes to regularly check and care for this pet’s coat as well as other pet ownership duties.

Lionhead Rabbit Photo: Salah Ait Mokhtar/Shutterstock




The Lionhead has a dense, wooly, soft mane with subtle waves around its head, on its cheeks, face and chest. There are animals with a single mane (one mane gene) and some with double manes (two mane genes). Rabbits with double manes also have long hair on their flanks and back in the shape of a V. The mane is around 2-4 inches (6-10 cm) long. Their ears are 2-3 inches (5-7 cm) long.


There are no limitations when it comes to color, such as with Tan Rabbits or the Belgian Hare. The Lionhead can be all kinds of colors, e.g. white, chocolate, chinchilla, lilac, black or multi-colored, for example tortoiseshell, two-tone or even three colors.

History and Origin

Although the Lionhead looks really unique, this rabbit breed is not recognized by the German Federation of Rabbit Breeders. But that’s just in Germany. The breed has been officially recognized in many countries since 2002/2003.


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