Green Anaconda

Green Anaconda Facts
Size Up to 16.4 ft (5 m)
Speed Unknown
Weight Up to 214 lb (97.5 kg)
Lifespan 40-70 years
Food Capybaras, caimans, birds
Predators Jaguars, caimans
Habitat South America
Class Reptiles
Order Scaled reptiles
Family Boas
Scientific name Eunectus murinus
Characteristics One of the biggest snakes worldwide

The biggest anaconda is one of the biggest snakes worldwide and primarily lives in bigger waters.

Big, Bigger, the Biggest?

There are several rumors related to the size and the weight of the water boa. “992 lb (450 kg) anaconda discovered!” “Anaconda with a record length of 98 ft (30 m) found!” The news feature headlines like this all the time. On average, the males are about 3 m long and females about 4-5 m long. The largest anaconda is said to have been 17 ft (5.21 m) in length and weighed 214 lb (97.5 kg).

Normally, anacondas can never be seen completely when moving through shallow waters and constricting their prey. This makes it so difficult to determine their actual size. Or would you dare to get into a water populated by anacondas? “Please don’t move, where is my tape measure?”

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Green Anaconda Green Anaconda - Photo: Patrick K. Campbell/Shutterstock

Enjoy Your Meal!

Anacondas are not poisonous, but constrict their prey by pulling it into its anaconda coils. The victim is then unable to breathe and even blood circulation comes to a stop because of the strong “hug” of the anaconda. The animal will be devoured head first, and it takes up to six (!) hours until it reaches the stomach.

Green Anaconda Green Anaconda - Photo: Vadim Petrakov/Shutterstock

Where Does the Name Come From?

The name anaconda derives from the Tamil word “anaikolra”. It means “elephant killer”. Anacondas do not hunt elephants but capybaras, small crocodiles and stags. The capybara has a remarkable size with a length of 53 in (134 cm) and a shoulder height of 24 in (60 cm). The animal is being swallowed whole.

Anacondas Like to Relax

The snakes are happy in the water, but sometimes they also like to hang from branches to dry.

Green Anaconda Green Anaconda - Photo: Vadim Petrakov/Shutterstock


In most cases the snakes visit shallow waters during the mating season. The male snake twines around its female partner, which looks like a knot and is called a “breeding ball”. Sometimes several male snakes are involved in this. They try to push away the others to be able to successfully copulate. After 6-8 months the anaconda babies are being born and are about 28-35 in (70-90 cm) long at birth.

Green Anaconda Green Anaconda - Photo: Patrick K. Campbell/Shutterstock

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