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Baby Animals

Funny, cute, sweet, snuggly and cuddly... baby animals! Which is the cutest? It’s not an easy decision! Fawns are especially cute, and bawling baby birds (“Feeeed me!”) - and don’t forget little kangaroo joeys. Baby giraffes, monkeys and turtles are also pretty adorable. But the weirdest has to be the baby armadillo.

Emperor penguin chicks Emperor penguin chicks
Photo: Roger Clark ARPS/Shutterstock
Baby elephant Baby elephant
Photo: Four Oaks/Shutterstock
Cheetah cubs Cheetah cubs
Photo: GUDKOV ANDREY/Shutterstock
Owl chicks Owl chicks
Photo: KOO/Shutterstock
Baby panda Baby panda
Photo: Hung Chung Chih/Shutterstock
Baby tapir Baby tapir
Photo: Signature Message/Shutterstock
Skunk kits Skunk kit
Photo: Debbie Steinhausser/Shutterstock
Zebra foal Zebra foal
Photo: XNatalie ShuttleworthXX/Shutterstock
Red fox puppies Red fox puppies
Photo: Menno Schäfer/Shutterstock
Baby hippo Baby hippo
Photo: Chantal de Bruijne/Shutterstock
Baby anteater Baby anteater
Photo: belizar/Shutterstock
Barn owl chicks Barn owl chicks
Photo: GMH Photography/Shutterstock

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