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Barn OwlBarn Owl
Barn owls fly almost silently. But how do they do that? We'll tell you in its animal profile!

Brown BearBrown Bear
Do brown bears climb? How do they hibernate? What are they eating? Are they dangerous? 

Red FoxRed Fox
Did you know that foxes use the Earth's magnetic field when hunting? More on this in its profile!

Edible DormouseEdible Dormouse
The dormouse is a really cute rodent! Soon it will enter its well deserved hibernation phase!

White StorkWhite Stork
Before winter comes, white storks head south to spend their time in the warmer African climate.

Jaguars are one of the few big cats that love to swim! More about the fascinating predator in the profile.

Here's an interesting question: Do zebras have black stripes on white fur or white stripes on black fur?

What is so special about the chameleon's eyes? And why does it have such a long tongue?

Why do rattlesnakes rattle? We'll tell you the answer and a lot of fascinating facts about this animal!

Morpho ButterflyMorpho Butterfly
When the blue morpho expands its wings they are shimmering in a very bright and flashing blue color.

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Mongolian gerbil

World Animal Days

CheetahCheetah Day - December 04
The cheetah is the fastest animal in the world (on land)! Did you know that it can change its direction in the middle of the jump?

MandrillMonkey Day - December 14
For monkey day we want to introduce you to a very special one: the Mandrill, the most colorful primate in the world!

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5 facts about amphibiansAll About Amphibians
Amphbians are cold-blooded. What exactly does that mean? And what is a metamorphosis?

The strongest animals in the worldThe Strongest Animals
Do you know the Which is the strongest animal? The rhino? The elephant? Let's check this video!

Colorful AnimalsColorful Animals
When you try to hide, striking colors are not a good idea. Why are animals brightly colored?

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