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Honey BeeHoney Bee
Why do bees make honey and how do they make it? Why do bees dance? Is there also a bee king?

White StorkWhite Stork
Why does the stork clatter? Is there a reason why it has such long legs? Check out the birds' animal profile.

Kingfishers are also known as flying gems. Find out more about these beautiful birds the animal profile!

Cold-Blooded and Hot-Blooded AnimalsCold-Blooded and Hot-Blooded Animals
What do these terms mean exactly? Which pros and cons are there? Check out our knowledge article.

Are Ladybugs always red with black dots? There are yellow ones and even ladybugs without dots, too!

May BugMay Bug
Where does the name May bug come from? Does it really have to do with the month of May? How do these insects look like? How large are they?

Hare or RabbitHare or Rabbit?
Do you know the difference? We'll tell you! By the way, there are many species.

Great Spotted WoodpeckerWoodpecker
Why can woodpeckers hammer without getting headaches? Check out its profile!

How do squirrels find buried nuts? By their smell, by using its memory or marking the spot? 

What is biological diversity? Why is it so important that there are lots of different animals, habitats and landscapes?

Picture of the Day

Red fox

World Animal Days

Aldabra Giant TortoiseWorld Turtle Day - May 23
Check out turtles and tortoises species. We also have info about weird turtles and turtle shells.

DogDog Day (Germany) - June 12
On this day mans best friend will be honored. Learn more about our beloved pets in our dogs section.

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Endangered Animal SpeciesVideo: Endangered Species
Which animal species are threatened and why? What can you do about it yourself?

5 facts about birdsVideo: All About Mammals
Do all mammals have a coat or a fur? What about dolphins, rhinos and pigs?

SymbioseVideo: Symbiosis
What does the word
symbiosis mean and how does it benefit animals?

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Over 190 factsheets with exciting infos and pictures! Here you will find facts about mammals, birds, amphibians, reptiles, fish, insects, spiders and invertebrates.


Infos and pet care tips for dogs, cats, budgies, hamsters and guinea pigs. Are you looking for a pet? Here you will find nearly 100 profiles of family-friendly breeds.

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Which are the biggest, fastest, heaviest animals? We have more than 250 records - sorted by category. In this section you'll also learn how to distinguish animals that look alike.

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Discover our huge pet name database with more than 1.200 pet names! Whether sweet, smart, funny or in another language - all names are sorted by category, so you can quickly find the right name for your pet.


Check out 90 knowledge articles and exciting news ! Are there any toxic mammals? Can animals count? How do chameleons change their color? How do animals breathe? Exciting articles and simple explanations!


Animal quizzes, coloring pages and personality tests! Test your knowledge in 30 animal quizzes. Or take a personality test to find out which kind of pet would suit you. Also, there are 90 printable coloring pages.

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