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How does the muskox survive - 58 degrees Fahrenheit (-50 degrees celsius)? The animal is perfectly adapted to icy temperatures.

Did you know that mooses have beards? Check out the moose fact sheet for more information!

Wood frogWood frog
How do amphibians survive temperatures below 32 degrees fahrenheit? The wood frog has an amazing trick!

Red FoxRed Panda
What do you think: Is the Red Panda a raccoon, a cat or a bear? Let's find out which kind of animal it is.

Red FoxRed Fox
Did you know that foxes use the Earth's magnetic field when hunting? Find out about its magnetic sense!

Atlantic PuffinAtlantic Puffin
The Atlantic puffin can carry more than 60 fish in its bill at the same time! It lives in North America, in Greenland and Iceland.

Is it really true that wolves howl at the moon? Check our animal fact sheet to find out!

How do squirrels find buried nuts? By their smell, by using their memory or the marking the spot? Learn more about it its fact sheet!

What is biological diversity? Why is it so important that there are lots of different animals, habitats and landscapes?

Famous animalsFamous animals
Find out about Hoover, the talking seal, a horse that does math, Koko, the talking gorilla and Barry, the avalanche dog.

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