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Is it really true that wolves howl at the moon? Check our animal fact sheet to find out!

Weaver antWeaver ant
Weaver ants save trees, protect caterpillars and help birds get rid of parasites. Who would have thought?

Walruses do not need their tusks for hunting. But why then? More about this in the walrus profile.

Scarab BeetleScarab Beetle
What a funny little beetle! The scarab beetle rolls small balls. He does it backwards. But why? Find it out!

Griffon VultureVultures
Come on! Who needs vultures? They may not be cute, but vultures are super important to the ecosystem - and pretty clever!

Praying MantisPraying Mantis
Did you know that the praying mantis can turn its head 180 degrees? Only three insects species can do that.

Are animals intelligent?Intelligence in the animal kingdom
Are animals intelligent? Wait. What even is intelligence? And how do you find out if animals are intelligent? Find out more in our report.

What is biological diversity? Why is it so important for all of us that there are lots of different animals, habitats and landscapes?

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Infos and Tipps for Dogs, Cats, Budgies, etc.

You are looking for a pet? Here you will find nearly 100 profiles of family-friendly dog breeds, cat breeds, hamsters, guinea pigs and bird breeds.

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Huge pet name database with more than 1.200 pet names

Whether sweet, smart, funny or in another language - all names are sorted by category, so you can quickly find the right name for your pet.

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Here you will find facts about mammals, birds, amphibians, reptiles, fish, insects, spiders and invertebrates. You'll also learn what animals are and how they differ from plants.

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Coloring Pages, Animal Quizzes and Personality Tests

90 Coloring Pages - printable or for coloring online. Test your knowledge in Animal Quizzes. If you want to find out which kind of pet would suit you go ahead and take a personality test.

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Which are the biggest, fastest, heaviest etc.?

More than 250 records sorted by category. You'll also learn how to distinguish animals that look alike.

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Are there any toxic mammals? Can animals count? How do chameleons change their color? How do animals breathe? Exciting articles and simple explanations!