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Latest Animal Fact Sheet

Learn all about shrews in our new animal profile! Did you know that they can shrink their organs and bones during winter?

Picture of the Day

Snow dog

Animals in Winter

Did you know that mooses have beards? Check out the moose fact sheet for more information!

Why do marmots stand upright? Why do they whistle? How many marmot species are there? Check out our marmot animal profile.

Is it really true that wolves howl at the moon? Check our animal fact sheet to find out!

World Animal Days

Cheetah Day
Did you know that the cheetah can change its direction in the middle of the jump?

Monkey Day
For monkey day we want to introduce you to a very special one: the colorful Mandrill!

Knowledge Articles

Eurasian JayEurasian Jay
Did you know that they make sounds like squeaking tires and rattling lawnmowers?

Black BearBlack Bear
Are all black bears black? What do black bears eat? Can they climb? Where do they live?

Walruses do not need their tusks for hunting. But why then? More about this in the walrus profile.

How do squirrels find buried nuts? By their smell, by using their memory or the marking the spot?

Arctic HareArctic Hare
The Arctic hare has a white fur only in winter. Why? Find out interesting facts in the factsheet.

Lemmings are small rodents living mainly in colder regions. Learn all about these animals!


Food Lovers and Hunger ArtistsHibernation
Do you know the difference between hibernation, dormancy and torpor? This video will explain it to you.

Animals in the ArcticArctic Animals
How do animals survive in the icy Arctic? And what is a Tundra? Check out our video!

Animal SensesAnimal Senses
Which animal species have the best sense of hearing, smelling, taste and vision?

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Animal Fact Sheets:

Over 190 factsheets with exciting infos and pictures! Here you will find facts about mammals, birds, amphibians, reptiles, fish, insects, spiders and invertebrates.


Infos and pet care tips for dogs, cats, budgies, hamsters and guinea pigs. Are you looking for a pet? Here you will find nearly 100 profiles of family-friendly breeds.

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Which are the biggest, fastest, heaviest animals? We have more than 250 records - sorted by category. In this section you'll also learn how to distinguish animals that look alike.

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Discover our huge pet name database with more than 1.200 pet names! Whether sweet, smart, funny or in another language - all names are sorted by category, so you can quickly find the right name for your pet.


Check out 90 knowledge articles and exciting news ! Are there any toxic mammals? Can animals count? How do chameleons change their color? How do animals breathe? Exciting articles and simple explanations!


Animal quizzes, coloring pages and personality tests! Test your knowledge in 30 animal quizzes. Or take a personality test to find out which kind of pet would suit you. Also, there are 90 printable coloring pages.

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