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Emperor PenguinEmperor Penguin

From all penguins the emperor penguin is the largest and heaviest. Read more about these birds!

Polar BearPolar Bear
Does the polar bear really have a white coat? Why does the polar bear sweat sometimes? Check its profile.

Reindeer do not sink into the snow because they have specially shaped hooves. Check our reindeer profile.

Lemmings are small rodents living mainly in colder regions of the earth. Learn all about these small mammals in their animal profile.

Why do marmots stand upright? Why do they whistle? How many marmot species are there? Check out our marmot animal profile.

Arctic HareArctic Hare
The Arctic hare has a white fur only in winter. Why? Find out interesting facts in the factsheet.

Red FoxRed Fox
Did you know that foxes use the Earth's magnetic field when hunting? Find out about its magnetic sense!

Komodo DragonKomodo Dragon
It used to be said that Komodo dragons transmit bacteria with their bite. In fact, they transmit poison.

Bald EagleBald Eagle
Bald eagles grab fish with their feet - while flying. Learn more about these birds of prey!

Are animals intelligent?Animal Intelligence
Are animals intelligent? Wait. What even is intelligence? And how do you find out if animals are intelligent?

What is biological diversity? Why is it so important that there are lots of different animals, habitats and landscapes?

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