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Here you'll find videos with exciting, cool and interesting information about animals!

Animal Knowledge Videos:

How do animals survive in the Arctic? Or in the desert? Which animal is the strongest, and which eats the most? In these animal knowledge videos, finds out how animals live, what skills they have and how they adapt to their surroundings.

Animal Knowledge Learning Videos Illustration: focus_bell/ (brain)

Animal Profile Videos:

Here, you find videos of individual animal species. You'll learn everything about their habitat, their way of life and their characteristics.

Animal Profile Videos Photos: Four Oaks (elephant), ex0rzist (panda), (sloth), neelsky (tiger) alle Shutterstock

All About ...: presents the most important facts about animal classes like mammals and birds in the “All About ...” series.

All About Animal ClassesPhotos: Papa Bravo (gecko), (frog), khlungcenter Viktor Loki (ant), Butterfly Hunter (parrots) all

Fun Facts Videos:

Plenty of fun facts! For example, did you know that raccoons can untie shoelaces, that stressed koalas waggle their ears or that newborn kangaroos could fit in a teaspoon?

Fun Facts

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