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The Most Dangerous Venomous Snakes: Central and South America

Golden Lancehead

  • Scientific name: Bothrops insularis
  • Family: Vipers
  • Genus: American lanceheads
  • Length: Up to 3.87 feet (1.18 meters)
  • Venom: Myotoxin

Staying away from the golden lancehead is simple: they are only found on a Brazilian island that’s just 43 hectares in size (around 60 soccer pitches). There have been no deaths so far, as the island only has a small population. But their venom is said to be considerably stronger than that of other lancehead snakes. It lets them kill their prey so quickly that it can’t fly away. It mostly eats birds.

Golden Lancehead Golden Lancehead - Photo: Nayeryouakim [CC BY-SA 4.0], via Wikimedia Commons

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