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Pet Birds: Pros and Cons

All the pros and cons of pet birds at a glance! Aren’t birds so cute to look at? Their songs are so beautiful! And they don’t need walking. Yes, that might be right, but you should also know the cons that come with the pros. This list will show you the pros and cons of having pet birds. Don’t forget: every animal has its own unique personality so these points won’t always fit every animal 100%.


Birds are cheerful companions

Birds don’t need walking

Funny, chirping birds will cheer you up

Birds comfort you when you feel worried or alone


Birds are not suitable for cuddling

Birds are noisy and messy

Birds nibble furniture

Birds need time for daily exercise outside the cage

Costs for food etc.

Birds can cause allergies

Daily Exercise Outside the Cage

Daily exercise outside the cage is incredibly important for a bird’s wellbeing. Why? Birds have wings to fly! You must be aware that this takes time - every single day.

Things That Will Win Your Parents Over!

1. Birds are easy to keep
2. Birds help you forget the stress and worries of everyday life
3. Birds don’t need walking
4. Birds are cheap to keep (apart from buying the cage)
5. Children learn about responsibility

Checklist: This Is Important!

  • Your whole family must agree with the decision.
  • Birds should never be kept alone.
  • They need at least two hours of attention a day.
  • Birds need a lot of space.
  • Birds have to be fed and need fresh water.
  • The cage has to be cleaned every 2-3 days.
  • Birds should ideally get exercise outside the cage every day.

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Yellow-Collared Lovebird Yellow-Collared Lovebird - Photo: DarAnna/Shutterstock

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