How Much Does a Guinea Pig Cost per Month?

The following costs provide an overview of what you can expect to pay per month or year (estimates!).

Monthly Costs

• Food: approx. $ 10-20 a month (for two animals)

The bigger the package, the cheaper the food: it’s worth buying in bulk to keep costs down. This also applies to straw. Fresh food like vegetables and greens can’t be stored for very long, so you’ll have to buy these almost daily.

• Straw: around $ 20 a month (for two animals)

One-Off costs

• Vet: varies

If your guinea pigs are healthy, you can keep on smiling. But it’s a good idea to have some money set aside just in case. Minor tests and treatments such as clipping or dental treatments cost around $ 12-18, while more complicated operations and expensive medications can mean that vet bills spiral into the hundreds of dollars.

• Guinea pig sitter (vacation): varies

Guinea pigs don’t like to travel. To spare them the stress and fear, it’s best for them to stay home, where they will ideally be looked after by a responsible friend, neighbor or relative. If this isn’t possible, you can send your guinea pigs to their own holiday home for around $ 2-6 a day.

• Cage: from $ 140 (starter set for two animals)

If you have two animals, the cage should be at least 48 x 32 inch (120 cm x 80 cm). But this comes with a price tag. They can cost from $ 35-80, but it’s worth spending more. This will mean your pets are happier and more relaxed. And it might even save you money in the long run. If you buy a smaller cage to start off with but your pets then get aggressive, you’ll end up having to buy a bigger one anyway. The cage should be equipped with a second floor, hidey holes, cork/soft tunnels, water bottle/bowl and hay racks. These accessories should come to around $ 50-60. A transport box for taking your pet to the vet is also a must. This will cost around $ 15.

• Toys: from around $ 35 (starter set for two animals)

Guinea pigs love toys like hay tunnels (around $ 9), hay bales (around $ 10), tunnels (around $ 9-10) and bridges (around $ 9-12).

• Run: from around $ 60

A must-have!

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