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Hamster Allergy

Although we talk about animal HAIR allergies, it’s not actually the hair that causes the problem. It’s the animal’s saliva, skin cells and urine that are on the hair. Often, the problem is also caused by hay and bedding. has tried to come up with some tips to make life with allergies easier (no guarantees).

What to Do If You Have a Hamster Allergy?

Cage: clean regularly

“Toilet” corners in the cage should be cleaned regularly. Wet/damp areas should be checked (e.g. moldy food). If possible, clean the cage outside and/or have a person who’s not allergic do the cleaning. Otherwise, always wear gloves and a mask, and air the room out afterwards. Make sure you clean your floor afterwards too. If possible, keep your pet in a room without carpet, as this can trap dust and hair.

Bedding: buy low-dust bedding

You can buy low-dust bedding at most pet stores. This is a must if you suffer from allergies.

Washing helps!

If you’ve been playing with your hamster or touching its cage, wash your hands immediately. If in doubt: change your clothes as well.

Bedroom: not a place for a cage

If you suffer from an allergy, don’t keep your pet’s cage in your bedroom or let your hamster wander around your room. Even so, you should regularly clean your bedding because you can bring in allergens on your clothing.

The Allergy Isn’t Getting Better

Animal allergies shouldn’t be underestimated. Some people can develop asthma as an allergic reaction. Hamsters are cute little furry animals - but if you have a hamster allergy, you should keep away from them and maybe even give away your pet. Especially if your allergy doesn’t get any better, or even gets worse. And if children live in the house.

This article is for information purposes only and does not come with a guarantee. This article does not constitute medical advice, so should not replace a visit to your doctor. Please always contact a doctor for medical advice.

Hamster on a Hand Hamster on a Hand - Photo: Julia Kuznetsova/Shutterstock

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