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Hermann's Tortoise

Hermann's Tortoise Pet Profile

Size ca. 10 inches (25 cm)
Lifespan Up to 100 years
Active During the daytime
Food Wild greens and herbs
How to keep them Outdoor run
Number of animals At least two females

Hermann's Tortoise Photo: Bildagentur Zoonar GmbH/Shutterstock

Hermann's Tortoise Characteristics

The Mediterranean tortoise is the most popular tortoise. They don’t get too big, they’re robust and great to watch, and it’s fun to feed them tasty herbs. And they’re really easy to keep, as long as you have a garden. As this is a protected species, your tortoise will have to be registered with the responsible conservation authority.

Please note: tortoises are not cuddly pets. They don’t like being picked up or carried. These animals are, however, great to watch.


Hermann's Tortoise Photo: Marco Maggesi/Shutterstock

How to Keep Them

The Mediterranean tortoise needs an outdoor run and younger animals need a heated hotbed (for frosty days in spring and autumn). They should only be kept in a terrarium temporarily e.g. if they’re unwell.

Hermann's Tortoise Photo: Curioso/Shutterstock


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