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Chinchilla Rabbit Pet Profile

Size Medium to large
Weight Dwarf: 5-6 pounds (2.5-3 kg);
American: 10-12 pounds (4.5-5.5 kg)
Fur Short to medium length
Maintenance Low
Personality Very calm
Lifespan 5-8 years
Suitable for Beginners and experienced owners
Origin France
Indoor Yes
Outdoor Yes
Special characteristics Unique gray fur color
Similar breeds Himalayan, Argenté, Californian Rabbit

Chinchilla Rabbit Photo: Cora Mueller/Shutterstock


Chinchilla Rabbits are not (!) related to chinchillas. These rabbits got their name as they have the same fur color as chinchillas. Their fur is a blue ash-gray with interesting markings. These are created by the individual hairs not being the same color, rather being a range of different colors. They are dark or black at the roots and ends, but white in-between.

You could marvel at a Chinchilla Rabbit’s fur all day long, as it keeps on changing with the light. No wonder that the first of these animals were a real sensation. Even today, their fur makes them unique.



There are actually two Chinchilla breeds: the Dwarf Chinchilla rabbit and the giant American Chinchilla Rabbit.

Chinchilla Rabbit Photo: Cora Mueller/Shutterstock


Chinchilla Rabbits are friendly, even-tempered, docile and curious. They are very intelligent and like any kind of activity that challenges their minds. Boxes, toilet paper tubes and rabbit-safe toys, such as balls, are ideal. As they like to move around and run, they need several hours a day in a large, secure run.

Health and Care

It is very easy to care for a Chinchilla Rabbit’s fur. The animals should still be checked for any illnesses regularly, e.g. mites in their ears or fur diseases. If you gently brush your pets once a week with a pet brush, you can give them a little check while you’re grooming them.

Chinchilla Rabbit Photo: Cora Mueller/Shutterstock


Anatomy and Appearance


The Chinchilla Rabbit’s ears stand upright. The Dwarf Chinchilla Rabbit’s ears are around 3-4 inches (8-11 cm) long, while the American Chinchilla’s are 5-6 inches (12-14 cm).


Their fur is short to medium-length, very soft “rollback fur”. This is the term for fur that doesn’t stay in the direction you pet it, instead returning to its original position.


Chinchilla Rabbits only come in this special gray color. The fur around their eyes and nostrils is a little lighter, and their bellies are white. Their eyes are either brown or blue-gray.

History and Origin

It’s said that Chinchilla Rabbits were bred in around 1913 by crossing Himalayan Rabbits with Vienna Blues and wild rabbits. The considerably larger and heavier American Chinchilla came about a few years later. It was bred and developed based on the smaller version.


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