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Tan Rabbit

Tan Rabbit Pet Profile

Size Small
Weight 6-7 pounds (2.5-3 kg)
Fur Short
Maintenance Low
Personality Friendly, full of energy
Lifespan 8-10 years
Suitable for Experienced owners
Origin England
Indoor Yes
Outdoor Yes
Special characteristics Tan fur
Similar breeds Harlequin Rabbit

Tan Rabbit Photo: MVolodymyr/Shutterstock


The Tan Rabbit is a little drop of golden sunshine: wherever it doesn’t have a dark top coat, its shiny fur is a charmingly delicate, deep shade of golden brown. This makes it radiate lots of warmth and coziness. And the Tan is actually a very friendly rabbit. However, this pet is also a real bundle of energy that can cause all kinds of chaos if it breaks out!

Color names like chocolate or cinnamon are easy to imagine, but tan isn’t quite as commonly used. But we bet everyone has seen an animal with this color coat, right? German Shepherds are mostly tan! Tan is a certain type of light brown with strong gold and mahogany tones.


This rabbit’s coat is also made up of “flyback” or “rollback” fur. This means that when you stroke the coat, the hairs move back to their original position.

Tan Rabbit Photo: Kuttelvaserova Stuchelova/Shutterstock


The Tan is a very active and curious rabbit that loves to move around a lot. To keep it happy and satisfied, it needs a large run that it can spend several hours a day in, running around and investigating everything in its world. What about toys? The Tan Rabbit is very intelligent! Being quick on your feet and having a certain knack for rabbits would be beneficial, as both fitness and skill are required whenever a Tan Rabbit gets loose.

Health and Care

The Tan Rabbit’s coat is easy to care for but should be cleaned using a slicker brush once to twice a week.

Tan Rabbit Photo: MVolodymyr/Shutterstock




Tans have slim, cylindrical, well-balanced bodies that form a nice arch.


The head is slightly short and has a broad forehead. The neck is not visible.


Their large ears stand upright and grow to 3-4 inches (8-10 cm) long.


The Tan Rabbit always has a dark outer coat on its back and face. It can be black, blue, brown or lilac. It has tan-colored rings around the eyes and nostrils, chin line and chin, edges of the ears, chest and belly. By the way: other rabbit breeds can also be tan-colored. In this case, it’s simply the name of the animal’s coloring.

History and Origin

The Tan comes from England. The breed came about in 1887 as wild rabbits were crossbred with house rabbits.


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