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Crazy Patterns

Help! Aliens! Some animals have such crazy patterns that you might think they’re from another planet. But these patterns are part of a clever plan! Striped fish, for example, are almost invisible among the reeds. Other animals like to cheat. Even though they’re harmless, they have a bold pattern that says: “Stay away! I’m super poisonous!”

Tokay Gecko Tokay Gecko - Photo: Cathy Keifer/Shutterstock

Mandarin Fish Mandarin Fish - Photo: Andreas H/Shutterstock

Map Pufferfish Map Pufferfish - Photo: Jung Hsuan/Shutterstock

Flamingo Tongue Flamingo Tongue - Photo: Eric Lemar/Shutterstock

Chameleon Chameleon - Photo: Jan Bures/Shutterstock

Necklace Starfish Necklace Starfish - Photo: OlgaLiss/Shutterstock

Velvet Ant Velvet Ant - Photo: Tarsal Claw/Shutterstock

Lionfish Lionfish - Photo: Sergey Skleznev/Shutterstock


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