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Lemurs as Pets - Allowed in Germany?

In Germany, keeping lemurs is subject to lots of different laws. You can find out here whether it’s legal to keep pet lemurs in Germany.

The many laws can seem like a thick jungle. To make it as easy as possible, we’ve split up the laws by “protective species”, “wild species” and “endangered species”. However, there’s some legalese that you just can’t get around.

1. Protected Species

Ring-tailed lemurs are protected animals. Just like all other lemurs and monkeys (EU Species Protection Act EG No. 338/97). So, the following conditions apply:

• Protected species must be identified.
The Federal Species Protection Act (§13 of the BartSchV, Attachment 6) says that protected animal species must be identified. For ring-tailed lemurs, this means a microchip.

• Permit needed
If you keep a protected species, you’ll need a permit (Federal Natural Protection Act; §46 of the BnatSchG).

Lemur Lemur - Photo: Andrea Izzotti/Shutterstock

2. Wild species

Ring-tailed lemurs are wild animals and must be kept in enclosures. Enclosures are where wild animals (like ring-tailed lemurs) are kept. Enclosures have to be registered with the local authorities. They check if all habitat requirements have been fulfilled. If not, the authorities might decide that the enclosure has to be removed (Federal Natural Protection Act, §43 of the BnatSchG)

Lemur Lemur - Illustration: Silke/

3. Endangered species

Ring-tailed lemurs are endangered. They are losing more and more of their natural habitat (e.g. through deforestation) and are also hunted by humans (for their meat and to sell them as pets). The following conditions apply to endangered species:

• Can only be kept if there’s no ownership ban
Endangered animals can only be kept privately if they are not subject to an ownership ban. The owner has to be reliable and have proper knowledge about ownership and care. The animal also has to be kept in a place where it cannot escape but that also fulfills animal protection requirements (Federal Species Protection Act; §7 of the BArtSchV).

• Ownership ban on endangered animals
Endangered animals come under the ownership ban.


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