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Top 24 Ugliest Animals in the World

Here, you'll find incredible photos and stunning details about the ugliest animals in the world!

The ugly, the ugly and the even uglier! The following animals are sure to be top of the leaders’ board in this unflattering category. So watch out: the following photos may result in extreme laughter, grossing out or even just wondering why nature did that.

But we will tell you WHY these animals look the way they do. Everything has its reason and something that might look ugly at first glance is often very useful to the animal.

And don’t get us wrong: all animals are beautiful in their own ways! This article is to be taken with a pinch of salt.

Let’s Look at the 24 Ugliest Animals in the World!

The Ugliest Animals in the WorldThe Ugliest Animals in the World - Photo: aiok/Shutterstock

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