Venomous Mammals

Let animalfunfats introduce you to the five venomous mammals! Insects, spiders, scorpions, reptiles, invertebrates and amphibians - there are countless animals that can poison us and can be very dangerous. But have you ever heard of venomous mammals? No? Even if they’re rare, they do exist!

It’s All Changed

Scientists believe that there were more venomous mammals in the past. For example, they found a small mammal called bisonalveus browni in North America, which they believe had poison fangs. It looked a bit like a mole and its teeth had indentations that suggest they were used to inject venom. But a lot of non-venomous animals (monkeys, bats) have these. So, the info isn’t certain.

Poison or Venom - the Difference

They don’t use it to kill prey. As bad as it sounds: they cover their babies with it! This protects their little ones from attackers, who don’t like the taste.

Let’s check out venomous mammals

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Slow Lori Slow Lori - Photo: kunanon/Shutterstock