Hinnies, Mules, Zonkeys and Zorses

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Zonkey und Zorse

A cross between zebra and donkey/horse

The offspring of zebras and donkeys or zebras and horses are all called zebroids. These crosses are called zorses and zonkeys.

• Zonkey

Parents: Zebra and donkey

Zebras and donkeys make zonkies. Zonkies have the long ears of a donkey but look more like zebras because of their stripes. In most cases, a male zebra breeds with a female donkey or horse. Zebroids are often very stubborn. They come from steely wild zebras after all!

Zonkey Zonkey - Photo: Peter Etchells/Shutterstock

• Zorse

Parents: Zebra and horse

The name zorse is just the words “zebra” and “horse” smashed together. A zorse looks like a horse but with wonderful shimmering stripes that seem to change in the light.

No Offspring!

Most offspring aren’t fertile, which means they can’t have children. The reason? The number of chromosomes, which contain genetic information, isn’t the same. Horses have 64 chromosomes, donkeys 62 and zebras 44.

Zorse Zorse - Photo: EPG_EuroPhotoGraphics/Shutterstock