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12 Animals That Are Masters of Disguise

Carpet Flathead

  • Class: Fish
  • Order: Scorpaeniformes
  • Family: Flatheads
  • Habitat: Indian Ocean, Red Sea
  • Camouflage: Mimesis

A carpet in your lounge? That’s pretty normal. A red carpet at an awards ceremony isn’t too weird either. But a carpet in the sea? Er, not so much. But they do exist, even if you wouldn’t want to actually walk on them. We’re talking about the carpet flathead, a crocodilefish, which spends its time on the sea floor flat as a rug. It has a skin flap on the edge of its body to hide its outline even better. Its camouflage makes it hard to distinguish it from rocks.

Carpet Flathead Carpet Flathead - Photo: Jovana Milanko/Shutterstock

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