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Round-Eared Elephant Shrew

Round-eared Elephant Shrew Facts

Size 3.9-4.3 in (10-11 cm) (body); 3.9-5.5 in (10-14 cm) (tail)
Speed Unknown
Weight 1-1.7 oz (30-50 g)
Lifespan 1-3 years
Food Omnivore
Predators Falcons
Habitat Southern Botswana, Western South Africa, Namibia
Order Elephant shrew
Family Elephant shrew
Scientific name Macroscelides proboscideus
Characteristics Trunk-like snout, prolonged hind legs

Main Characteristics

Author L.R.A Mouse With A Trunk? Nonsense! The round-eared elephant shrew is also called short-eared elephant shrew, but it is no mouse. The round-eared elephant shrew belongs to the family of elephant shrews and not, like the mouse, to the family of murids.

Round-eared Elephant Shrew Photo: Bildagentur Zoonar GmbH/Shutterstock


Elephants or Mice?

For a long time, people were not sure if the round-eared elephant shrew is more closely related to the mouse or to the elephant. A genetic test made things clear: Round-eared elephant shrews are more closely related to the elephant. Of course, the relationship is rather complex and intricate. Really surprising if you compare the size and weight of the round-eared elephant shrew to that of an elephant.


Anatomy and Appearance


Round-eared elephant shrews have rather short ears compared to other elephant shrews. And they are the smallest representatives of their family and order. But they are the best-known of all elephant shrews. Little VIPs in a way.

Life Style

Similar to the rabbit, the round-eared elephant shrew digs a den with several exits to be able to escape in case an enemy is lying in wait outside. However, the den of the round-eared elephant shrew is much shorter than that of a rabbit.


Territorial Animals

Round-eared elephant shrews are solitary animals. They are only looking for a partner during the mating season. Every round-eared elephant shrew inhabits its own territory, which covers about 0.38 square miles (1 km2).

Round-eared Elephant Shrew Photo: belizar/Shutterstock

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