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Camel or Dromedary - What’s the Difference?

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Llamas, alpacas, vicuñas and guanacos live in the South American Andes (a mountain range). They are part of the camel family.


Size: 43-51 inch (110-30 cm) (shoulder heigth)
Weight: 264-330 lb (120-150 kg)

Llamas are much bigger than alpacas and have large, banana-shaped ears that stand on end.

Llama Llama - Photo: andreanord/Shutterstock

Llama Llama - Illustration: lantapix/Shutterstock


Size: 32-35 inch (81-88 cm) (shoulder heigth)
Weight: 121-143 lb (55-65 kg)

Alpacas have smaller heads than llamas and are lighter, thinner and have finer wool. Their heads are triangular and mostly surrounded by fluffy wool. Their ears point apart. They are generally calmer and more peaceful than llamas.

Alpaca Alpaca - Photo: Dieter H/Shutterstock

Alpaca Alpaca - Illustration: lantapix/Shutterstock


Size: ca. 47 inch (120 cm) (shoulder heigth)
Weight: 220-265 lb (100-120 kg)

The guanaco is related to the llama. They look very similar to vicuñas but are bigger and broader.

Guanaco Guanaco - Photo: Eduardo Rivero/Shutterstock

Guanaco Guanaco - Illustration: lantapix/Shutterstock


Size: ca. 39 inch (100 cm) (shoulder heigth)
Weight: ca. 110 lb (50 kg)

Vicuñas are smaller and thinner than guacanos.

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