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Ape or Monkey - What’s the Difference?

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1. Does the Animal Have a Tail?

Apart from apes, almost all monkeys have a long tail. This helps them keep their balance as they jump from branch to branch. They are mostly small, while apes are large and can almost walk upright. As a comparison: pygmy mouse lemurs only grow to be 3.9 inch (10 cm) long and 1 oz (30 g) in weight, but a standing gorilla can be up to 4.9 ft (1.5 m) high and 396 lb (180 kg) in weight.

Gorilla (Ape)

Gorilla Gorilla - Photo: paula french/Shutterstock

Lemur (Monkey)

Lemur Lemur - Photo: Fotomicar/Shutterstock

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