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Critically Endangered Animals

This article provides infos about 14 animals that are classified as “critically endangered”.

Why Are Animals at Risk of Extinction?

In many cases, the animals have lost their natural habitats. In other cases, it’s hunting, poaching and the illegal trade of young animals. If there are only a few animals left of a certain species, there is almost no chance of the species surviving. Even if the few animals breed, there wouldn’t be enough animals to build a healthy gene pool. This would lead to genetic disorders.

What Does "Vulnerable" or "Endangered" Mean?

Critically endangered species are species that only have a few animals still living in the wild. The international conservation union IUCN collects them all on the „red list“ of critically endangered animals. Animals are logged from “least concern” and “vulnerable” to “critically endangered” and “extinct in the wild”.

Learn All About the Critically Endangered Animals!

Endangered Animal SpeciesMountain Gorilla - Photo: Claire E Carter/Shutterstock

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