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14 Critically Endangered Animals

Sumatran Rhinoceros

  • Distribution: Sumatra (Indonesia)
  • Scientific name: Dicerorhinus sumatrensis
  • Number of animals: 30

Interesting Facts

The Sumatran rhinoceros lives in the rainforests of southern Asia (Sumatra in Indonesia and Sabah in Malaysia). It’s the smallest of the five rhino species. It’s known for its noises, like the satisfied squeaks it makes when it eats and when it’s happy. The population of 220-275 animals has decreased significantly in recent years - to only 30 animals (current status 2019).

Threats to the Sumatran Rhinoceros

  • Hunting, poaching
  • Loss of habitat

Sumatranashorn Sumatranashorn - Photo: Judy Whitton/Shutterstock

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