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Ligers and Tigons


Cross between a lion and a tiger

  • Father: Lion
  • Mother: Tiger
  • Size: Up to 138 inches (350 cm)
  • Weight: Up to 880 pounds (400 kg)
  • Characteristics:: very big!

The liger is one of the biggest big cats in the world. At up to 138 inch (350 cm) long, they are almost as big as Siberian tigers (the largest big cat in the world can grow to up to 150 inches (380 cm) long). Many have lion manes, even if they’re not as impressive as actual lions’ manes. Some ligers don’t have any mane at all. Most have small ruffs, just like tigers.

Liger Liger - Photo: yod67/Shutterstock

Liger Hercules

Hercules is a liger that lives in Jungle Islands animal park in Miami (Florida, USA). He weighs almost 903 pounds (410 kg), is 131.8 inches (335 cm) long and eats over 19.8 pounds (9 kg) of meat in one day. This photo was taken in 2005. Wow, what a huge animal! This liger is in the best of health.


Liger Liger - Photo: Ipatov/Shutterstock



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